Oct. 18, 2023 • 10:30 - 11:00 | Wednesday
X4243 : X4243 Southwest Jiaotong University

This report introduces the overall design, key technologies, and typical demonstration applications of 3D Real Scene Construction in China. Firstly, it introduces the products, technologies, and standard systems of 3DRS; Secondly, key technologies such as real-time 3D data acquisition equipment, modeling software, geoentity conversion, IOT data fusion, and big data platform construction are proposed; Finally, the typical applications and the next steps of work are suggested.

  • Jiping Liu More

    Chinese Academy of Surveying & Mapping

    Research Professor

    Liu Jiping, PhD supervisor, the technological innovative leading talent of "Ten Thousand Talents Program", young and middle-aged leading talent of "Innovative Talent Promotion Program", the national-level person selected of "Hundreds, Thousands and Ten-thousands of Talents Project In New Century", chairman of the International Cartographic Association Commission On Cartography in Early Warning and Crises Management(ICA CEW&CM). He has long been engaged …


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