Jiping Liu

Chinese Academy of Surveying & Mapping
Research Professor

Liu Jiping, PhD supervisor, the technological innovative leading talent of "Ten Thousand Talents Program", young and middle-aged leading talent of "Innovative Talent Promotion Program", the national-level person selected of "Hundreds, Thousands and Ten-thousands of Talents Project In New Century", chairman of the International Cartographic Association Commission On Cartography in Early Warning and Crises Management(ICA CEW&CM). He has long been engaged in the theoretical and technical research on the E-government Information Commission of China Association for Geographic Information Society and carried out systematic research in government data governance, spatial assistant decision-making services, spatial big-data analysis, software development of GIS, etc.

Invited Talks: Overall design, technical realization and typical application of 3D realistic geospatial scene

My Speakers Sessions

October 18, 2023